Confident Coherence


Here I am at Mary Kay seminar 2013! I’m very excited to be here, especially after today. It’s so inspirational to be around women who are so full of integrity and passion for life as these Mary Kay ladies. One of the most valuable lessons I learned today was all about confidence– which is great for Mary Kay ladies, and any other type of career.

The thing about confidence is living day-to-day who you want to be. You know the phrase “Fake it Till You Make It!”? That doesn’t mean “be fake,” it means, “pretend you know what you’re doing, until you know how to do it.” Starting tomorrow; imagine the person that you want to be like– your role models– and set yourself like them every day of your life. Every morning, wake up and tell yourself who you are. Over and over again, so you never forget it. Don’t know who you are? Envision yourself as who you want to be, and decide to be that person for the rest of your life.

Confidence is something that is built one affirmation, compliment, and action at a time. Action is the key to moving into accomplishing your dreams. So stop dreaming about being great, and wake up– right now– and become that person.

Fear is the biggest thing stopping you from getting to your dreams. Why are you not getting there? You’re too scared to step out and live your dream life.

Mary Kay is one of the best confidence-building businesses there is. We not only provide jobs to women in need, but we can make them feel so much better by simply looking in the mirror. This company is such a great company– even if I don’t stay here forever, this is such a beautiful place to learn about confidence, and so many other things about life.

It’s late, so this might not be too coherent… Good night 🙂

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