You’re Not Dreaming Big Enough

The last day of Mary Kay seminar today was awesome! We are now spending an extra night here in Dallas before going back home, and we are so exhausted.  We have found a cheaper hotel close by, with an adorable 1920’s boutique design for tonight. It’s very small, and a little run-down, but the staff are very sweet, and this place has lots or personality. I am totally going to stay here for Seminar next year!

So I spent some time today analyzing long-term dreams for a school of worship arts. I know– random. I think it’s important to plan things out, especially for businesses or ministries. So, for instance, a 10-year plan can help guide and direct the timing and focus of the next 10 years of your business. With Mary Kay, the plan is simple; Beauty Consultant for a few years, Sales Director for a few more years, then National Sales Director (if you work REALLY HARD) in even more years. Fairly straightforward. But with a different business, you can’t apply the one-size-fits-all. You have to develop a plan.

Who do you want to be 10 years from now? What can you do now to make that happen? Even if it means quitting your day job tomorrow, barely surviving for the next seven years, and finally making your dreams come true ten years from now, wouldn’t that feel better than spending the next 10 years of your life doing exactly what you’re doing right now, with no progress made? Amy Kemp, from Mary Kay, gave a speech this morning asking, “Why Now?” Why do you need to start now? Because every minute that you’re not running toward your dreams is a minute wasted. Because it will take you every year of those ten years to get to your 10 year goals– and if it doesn’t take ten years to get there, your dreams are not big enough.

So what is your 10-year dream? What do you want your life to mean when it’s through? What are you doing RIGHT NOW to get there? Are you running, or standing still?


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