An Odd Day, An Odd Week

So today has been odd. I woke up to a bag of donut holes sitting next to me, and I have no clue where they came from. I fell back asleep and had some weird dreams. Like, foggy, disconnected, running-around-with-chickens-in-heaven dreams. I finally woke up with a few texts from a friend asking me to reword a sentence. It took me entirely too long to decipher what she wanted. Now, I’m babysitting a couple of boys– well, my sister is playing with them, but I’m in charge. She decided to take them outside and let them play in the pool. Suddenly, there are two naked boys running around my house, with ten times the energy that any of my family have. Like I said. Odd day.

Outside of the oddity, it’s been fairly nice today. I’ve done a little Mary Kay work, read some Bible, watched some TV, played Minecraft, and laughed at these insanely hyper naked kids. It hasn’t been a productive day. But does every day have to be productive? Does every moment have to be useful? What if we just listened to the Travelocity gnome and “Smell the Roses,” every once in a while.

I must admit, my brain has had trouble getting motivated or focused since I got back from Seminar. It’s hard to get energy, wake up at a certain time, think through actions, or have any productivity. I had grandiose plans for this week, and none of them happened. But, I think I’m okay with that. Kind of.

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