The Start of a Beautiful Friendship

A little over one month ago, I got married. Our marriage license was signed on our 8-month dating anniversary; talk about fast!

Devin’s mother was Children’s Pastor at the church I joined when I moved to Austin, and she hired me to work childcare. I attended Youth occasionally, where Devin was a leader. I did a small group Bible study with Devin’s brother, Chase, and my best friend McKenna. So, Devin and I knew each other, but didn’t have much connection until almost 5 years later.

I had gone to college here in Austin, and Devin had attended multiple out-of-town ministry schools. We didn’t know each other enough to keep in touch, so when we both appeared at a board game cafe with a singles’ group from church, we had a lot of catching up to do. He had just returned from 10 months as a missionary to Eastern Europe, and I was starting summer classes for my Junior year of college.

For a solid week after meeting again, we texted each other straight. And finally, I popped the question: Where is this relationship going, exactly? We started dating on July 1st, and Devin planned a spectacular first date.

Thankfully, I journaled every second of our dating and engagement adventure, and gave that journal to Devin as a wedding gift. And here we are, living with his parents, married, and my life completely changed than it was less than one year ago.

I was able to take the Spring semester off of school, and it’s been a wonderful break. However, I like to keep busy. I’ve been working on creative projects, writing, painting, downsizing, and a bit of music. We’ve both played tons of video games, together and alone. Devin is out of work for a short while, too, and we have done an awful lot of staring at each other with little to do.

But I can already tell that this marriage thing is going to be a big adventure, with a lot of learning to do. Devin and I are communicative and honest, but we are both strong-willed and a bit crazy! We don’t agree on everything, and we’ve already picked up on several great ways to make our marriage stronger. Perhaps I’ll share them here, in blog form, because every relationship is unique and I’d love to bring you into ours.

Until next time!

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